Should marijuana/cannabis be legalized argumentative essay

Examples List on Decriminalization Of Marijuana

We have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses to institutionalized drug offenders which become extremely expensive.

Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost. Legalization of marijuana can assist in reducing the number of conflicts that arise as a result of the sale of the substance.

On top of all of this, as mentioned above, nearly half the country has already tried pot which is more than how many Americans know who Jennifer Lawrence is and much much more than the percentage of Americans who are left-handed.

These laws have impacted adversely on the marijuana plant's cultivation for non-recreational purposes, including in medical world. We believe that it is time to stop the ineffective, racially biased, and unjust enforcement of marijuana prohibition and to create a new, well-regulated, and inclusive marijuana industry that is rooted in racial and economic justice.

Due to high criminal rates and the unwise decisions to imprison people with non-violent marijuana offenses, the illegality of the possession of marijuana is sought to be far more severe than the murderous crimes our society encompasses.

Another point brought forward by opponents of legalization of cannabis is that if cannabis is legalized, there is a risk that its use would certainly increase. Perhaps the only reason that currently points to danger associated with marijuana has more to do with the fact that because it is not currently government regulated for he public use, marijuana does, occasionally, contain impurities that cause temporary nausea.

It makes no sense to maintain people in prison for using marijuana when alcohol and tobacco have more ill side effects than marijuana. Here, drug use is controlled with the set daily limit of 5 grams.

Some of the people who are jobless will also get the opportunity to have some outlets that can participate in selling the substance. Prohibition was once tried with alcohol and it was proven that it does not work in any manner, and it At this point, there are over 1, licensed shops that sell cannabis every day.

As result, the amount of produce of the substance is likely to increase. The nation seems to be coming to its senses and many countries start to make marijuana legal.

In order to properly argument the topic, I would first like to point out to the various systems of marijuana legalization. People deserve freedom to use marijuana. A plantation were Cannabis grown then shipped to varias places around the world would contribute thousands of new jobs.

Education and treatment are better ways to address the drug problem. In my opinion, marijuana should not be legalized in any country.

Therefore, the police and coast guard would not need as much in funding. There is a big number of people who are committed to the activities of arresting and prosecuting people who use the marijuana. Argumentative essay should drugs be legalized Legalization Of Marijuana Essay Examples | Kibin 6 pages.

An Argument in Favor of. Argumentative Essay. Marijuana Keeps the Gate Closed. Letter to the Moscow Times. there is still not enough proof that marijuana should be legalized.

The legalization will bring medical breakthroughs, but at what costs? On the one hand, I agree with Wallick that marijuana Documents Similar To Synthesis Essay.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

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Should marijuana be legalized in the United States? ISSUE: Do the benefits of marijuana legalization outweigh the costs? Cannabis Sativa, or marijuana, has been around for centuries.

Come find out buy essay canada to write a plant. Online business plan writers and once the war on why should marijuana arguments legalize marijuana. As well as an argumentative essay has helped over 1, marijuana be legalized? Jan 13,  · In this argumentative essay, I seek to argue the reasons why cannabis should be legalized, and why it should not.

Primarily, cannabis should be legalized since it is used for medication, and its legalization means better and higher quality health standards.

Should marijuana/cannabis be legalized argumentative essay
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Legalization of Marijuana Essay Example for Free