Should animal experimentation be permitted argumentative essay

Another harsh thing handlers do is take out dog's vocal chords so they don't disturb the lab workers. To stop animal research would also be unethical as it would dramatically affect the development of new knowledge and flow of treatments to those with health conditions who desperately need them.

This essay supports animal rights. Animals and people are alike in many ways; they both feel, think, behave, and experience pain. Does animal testing really help. Animals and people are alike in many ways; they both feel, think, behave, and experience pain.

This test is extremely painful to the animals because death can take days or even weeks. Descartes also believed only humans have feelings and could think. Opponents of such research argue that humans have no right to subject animals to this kind of trauma, and that the lives of all creatures should be respected.

Researchers working with animals carry out their experiments with extreme care to eliminate or minimise suffering. Regan further says, for example, that "animal [experimentation] is morally wrong no matter how much humans may benefit because the animal's basic right has been infringed.

Alternative methods of research do not simulate humans and whole body systems in the same way and are not as reliable. They are a living, breathing thing in the world that deserves to live and not undergo procedures and swallow chemical and we mentally manipulated.

Rene Descartes, a French philosopher and scientist, said people have the right to use animals just as if they were machines. According to data collected by F. Cohen, Andrew and Wellman, Christopher eds. Many people have the opinion that animal testing and research is completely based on false premises, that the results that are obtained from such experimentation cannot be applied to the human body.

The value that humans place on their own lives should be extended to the lives of animals as well. On the other hand, removing animals completely from the lab would impede our understanding of health and disease, and consequently affect the development of new and vital treatments.

Companies that make those products and cosmetics however do use animals for testing and it's completely unnecessary. Animal experimentation has been a commonly debated subject for many years, is it cruelty or science.

With that in mind, the argument runs, it is best practice to act charitably and treat all humans as part of the moral community. Animals are not use to the everyday stuff humans use, so of course animals will react much differently than humans will.

The harm that is committed against animals should not be minimized because they are not considered to be "human. However, animal experimentation in medical research and cosmetics testing cannot be justified on the basis that animals are lower on the evolutionary chart than humans since animals resemble humans in so many ways.

First, animals' rights are violated when they are used in research. This test is intensely painful for the animal, and blindness, scarring, and death are generally the end results. On the one hand it is considered morally wrong to use animals in this way solely for human benefit.

Risks are not morally transferable to those who do not choose to take them" qtd. Subscribe for new episodes. Animals are not treated well and are often abused by their handlers. A great resource describing some ways to minimize the use of animals in research and to practice the best standards when using animals.

Top Five Reasons to Stop Animal Testing

To use a common example of this practice, laboratory mice may be given an illness so that the effectiveness of a new drug can be measured. The precision it purports to provide is an illusion because of uncontrollable biological variables" Rabbit's eyes do not easily wash away irritating substances unlike humans eyes do.

Those animals are less important and valuable then human beings anyways right.

Should animals be used for research purposes Essay Sample

People have different feelings for animals; many look upon animals as companions while others view animals as a means for advancing medical techniques or furthering experimental research.

Animal Testing - Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing? The BBC reports that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim teaching allows for animal experimentation as long as there is no unnecessary pain inflicted and there is a real possibility of benefit to human beings.

Should animal experimentation be permitted essay. The right to bear arms argument essay emission spectrum research paper essay about biostatistics, words to start a sentence college essays american dream essay assignment.

I think that animal testing is disgusting and that no animal should be put through the pain and suffering of animal testing. I am doing animal testing as a persuasive essay for school as part of my 4th year and i found that your information and website has greatly helped, thank you:).

Essay about The Necessities of Animal Experimentation - The Necessities of Animal Experimentation Throughout my paper, I felt as though I was able to give a solid and fair representation of the opposing viewpoint on issue of animal testing.

A model essay for students to use as a resource to help organize essays. Therefore, animal experimentation should be stopped because it violates the rights of animals.

In conclusion, animal testing should be eliminated because it violates animals' rights, it causes pain and suffering to the experimental animals, and other means of. animal experimentation There has been a controversy between animal rights supporters and scientists about whether it is right to use animals in experimental research.

Also, it is very debatable whether using animals for such research results in finding a cure for diseases.

Should animal experimentation be permitted argumentative essay
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Should animal experimentation be permitted essay