Judith thomsons argument in defense of abortion

First Order Reasons vs. And if you now start to unplug yourself, having learned that you will otherwise have to spend nine years in bed with him, there is nobody in the world who must try to prevent you, in order to see to it that he is given some thing he has a right to be given.

However, there are some basic rights of the pregnant woman, for example, the right of self-determination, the right of privacy, the right of physical integrity, and the right to live.

According to this line of thinking, people may claim that the financial or social background should not be decisive for having an abortion if there is a true chance for help.

Those authors claim that there are no absolute moral rights and moral obligations which are universally valid; moral agreements are always subjective and relative. The violinist scenario involves a non consensual act kidnapping, etcso straight away it does not compare to any consensual act of sexual intercourse that results in pregnancy.

Given an imaginary scenario which is indeed comparable to that of a normal pregnancy, I would hold that it is far from outrageous to require the continuation of life support for up to nine months or so — whether the recipient is a famous violinist or a mediocre air-guitarist.

After all, it is the means by which we have all arrived here, and the essence of reproduction. Society clearly states that child abuse and the murder of one's child is illegal, but does allow abortion.

Mere inconvenience or trivial desires are not enough to outweigh a life or at least an undeniable future life. Clearly, a doctor may be permitted to defend the life of an innocent mother.

The paper meets reactions and criticisms from many different philosophers and bioethicists. Judith Bruce Thompsons Olympics pal is one of the most interesting ever offered in getting of abortion on matte, but its powerful flawed.

If you arrive late and miss all or part of a quiz, you will not be permitted to make it up, unless, of course, you provide a university approved excuse for your lateness. You are told that he is a famous violinist, gravely ill with a fatal kidney. In this brief essay, I shall attempt to clear away some of the confusion.

For example, the right we all have to defend ourselves is limited by the law. You did not agree to this. The Morality of Abortion: The advantage of the extreme conservative view is the fact that it defines human personhood from the beginning of life the unicellular zygote ; there is no slippery slope.

If we can prove this argument wrong, we can prove any pro-abortion argument wrong. This line of thinking is out-of-date and the Catholic Church no longer uses it. The killing of fetuses is prohibited.

They my goal in life sample essay therefore kidnapped you, and last violinist abortion essay the violinists circulatory.

They are the ones to be punished. The question that arises is as to whether or not abortion is morally justifiable. All ethical theories try to present a proper account of a so-called neutral stance but there is hardly any theory that could claim to be sustainable with regard to other approaches.

Obviously the traffic laws do not allow a person to do such a thing, so the driver invests in highly specialized police radar detection systems and information about all the police patrols on his route.


A Defense of Abortion Judith Jarvis Thomson Philosophy and Public Affairs,Vol. 1, No. 1. (Autumn, ), pp. Stable URL: izu-onsen-shoheiso.com?sici= Judith Thomson provides a defense for abortion, in specific circumstances, through a series of bizarre thought experiments (Thomson, ).

Thomson begins her argument by refuting the common arguments against abortion, which sets up her first peculiar thought experiment (Thomson, ). The “Violinist” argument for keeping abortion legal is an illustration created by Judith Jarvis Thompson for the purpose of clarifying our moral intuitions about abortion by considering a parallel situation.

Judith Jarvis Thomson: "A Defense of Abortion" I. Concession: For purposes of argument, Thomson concedes that every fetus (conceptus) is a person.

Judith Thomsons Responsibility Argument - Essay Example

She wants to see what results from that concession. She then presents this argument: Argument A. 1. A human conceptus is a person. Judith Jarvis Thomson maintains in her article "A Defense of Abortion" that the right to live does not include the right to make use of a foreign body even if this means having the fetus aborted (Thomsonpp.

and pp. ). Judith Jarvis Thomson’s essay titled A Defense of Abortion serves as a polemic against some of the common objections made by pro-lifers. The first of her objections to the pro-life standpoint is regarding the status assigned to a human fetus.

Judith thomsons argument in defense of abortion
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