An argumentative essay on drug tests prior to employment

However, select pages, like the Citation Style Chartstill include this information. On that note, drug testing for welfare recipients can be a very negative or very positive addition to the application process.

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Drug Testing in the Workplace

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An Argumentative Essay on Drug Tests Prior to Employment ( words, 1 pages) Argumentative essay Should drug tests be given before a person is hired for a job?

Yes, they should. Drug Testing Throughout Society - Drug testing has become a huge and lucrative business. According to a recent Ezine article, “with at least fifteen large U.S. corporations supplying laboratory testing, employees and others are only a few minutes’ drive from a testing facility.”.

Drug testing welfare applicants before allowing them to receive assistance is a positive idea because most employers require drug tests to be taken by applicants pre-employment. This will help make sure that the government funding is being put toward the family and the needs of the household, and also because in the future it will benefit the.

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Drug Education in Schools - In today’s society, there is a larger variety of drugs that are used, drugs have become easily accessible, and drugs are more likely to be misused. Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory to Receive Welfare by adding a law in all states that mandates those who are trying to get on assistance taking drug tests prior to getting accepted, and also having a random drug test to periodically to keep getting assistance in the future the system would be more efficient.

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An argumentative essay on drug tests prior to employment
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